Market Research

Get the insights you need to be successful in the marketplace

Consumer research

Our expertise covers all business types including medical, dentistry and retail. We design bespoke campaigns to understand behaviours of employees, consumers and manufacturers to help improve products and services in the industry.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Get the feedback you need to make smart decisions. Customer loyalty comes from speaking regularly with your customers. Commitment in listening to and gathering feedback will help to make improvements and meet expectations.

Employee engagement

By gathering anonymous feedback for employee insight you will help create employee satisfaction in the workplace. Useful for team building and development to manage change, improve internal communications, and assess team building events.

Excellent communication

At WebVerse we design thoughtful market research campaigns with clever methodologies that gain results. Our solutions are built through experience and expertise that we have gained from running successful campaigns. We have worked with some remarkable clients including startups, small business owners and large corporates. Our industry knowledge is far-reaching and includes finance, technology, dentistry, security, fashion, retail, health and beauty.

Survey design

When we create an effective online questionnaire we write with your target audience in mind using specific questions that will yield the most accurate and valuable results from your respondents.

Survey distribution

Reach your audience quickly and achieve improved customer engagement with increased response rates. Survey invitations can be sent via email, text, social media, and your website.

Data analysis

We perform in-depth analysis to bring results to life in powerful presentations. Discover key findings and trends for actionable insights to help you drive business forward, to influence business decisions and to shape the success of your company.

Nurture employee growth

Your employees are often your biggest brand advocates. Recognition and reward increases employee engagement and a greater level of personal investment in the company’s success. Organizations can promote these values by recognising performance and good work.

We design internal communication campaigns to boost employee satisfaction and gain valuable feedback. Communicating just how important your employees are to the business can include internal newsletters, training programs, awards and recognition.

Net Promoter Score

NPS is an excellent way to gain insight into customer or employee loyalty. It helps to measure how agreeable your customers or employees are with elements of your business. A positive score is generally deemed a measurement of satisfaction through word of mouth.

We use the metric as a management tool to correlate with revenue growth and to gather feedback. The results help drive business strategies for improving reputation and brand image.

Business growth

Build your brand

We use market research to increase brand awareness with your consumers. For instance, a selection of your regular customers can be contacted and given an in-depth telephone interview to gather valuable feedback. We can help to create awareness, growth, trust and improve customer engagement.


Talk to your customers

Find out what your customers really think of you. Your customers are the most important asset you have. If you speak with them on a regular basis you increase customer loyalty, sales and reputation. We design suitable campaigns to gather feedback through online surveys, face to face meetings and telephone interviews.


Drive business growth

Our consultancy service helps you move forward with the right business decisions in terms of growth, improvements and sales. With in-depth research we can discover important trends and behaviours. Key findings reveal actionable insights so that your management team are well equipped to drive the business forward.

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