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Virtual Assistant for your website

Customer service

Can your customers find what they want, reach a product page or use store search 24/7? With a personal virtual assistant to help users find information on products and services in an easy, quick and fun way, your visitors will get a great service.The chatbot answers customer questions based on your FAQs.

 Increase page views
 Reduce website exits
 Gather enquiries and leads
 No interruption of buying process
 Self-learning AI - No need to train it!

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Boost Online Sales

With assisted shopping to increase product page views by helping your visitors find what they want, lead generation by capturing email addresses to assit with enquiries, and cart recovery you are on your way to boosting your sales.

Turn visitors into buyers
Interact with shoppers
Increase product sales

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Engage your customers

Help Customers

Find what they want. Give answers they need. Offer them support, help and assistance.
Simple and easy to use!

Nudge them to buy

Nudge customers to explore your website and act as you want, e.g. go to checkout.
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Customer loyalty

Increase lifetime value with continuous engagement so customers return time and again.
Dedicated customer support.

Rated the best conversational artificial intelligence platform &
e-commerce application by Capterra Gartner

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